Empathy and Compassion for “Our Neighbors”

We have all been moved by the harrowing images of widespread suffering and damage in parts of Texas and Louisiana and unfortunately, it looks like Hurricane Irma is going to hit Florida. It is hard to fully comprehend this level of devastation and the heavy toll Hurricane Harvey is having on the people in its path. Indeed, many members of the One Prep family have connections to the Houston area, making this even more personal and pertinent for our community. Our thoughts, prayers, and support go out to the people known and unknown to us now trying to deal with unimaginable adversity.

This tragedy has inspired many instances of people selflessly coming to the aid of those in need, oftentimes in spite of danger. These last several days have indeed shown us heartening images of strangers coming together in community to overcome immense challenges. As we consider our own responses to this ongoing calamity, I would encourage you to include your children in your efforts and conversations. This is an opportunity to engage them in important teaching moments about empathy, compassion, and a broader definition of “our neighbors.” I have found this link to be helpful in the past: Helping children cope with unsettling news.

Should you be looking for ways to support relief efforts, this link provides some good options. As you know, help will be needed long after the rains stop and the TV cameras leave. I hope we all keep that in mind in the coming weeks. I am confident that our students and families will step up to help in meaningful ways.


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