Confidence in Action

By Evan Kurtz, Head of Middle School

A recent  article from the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS), which followers of Charlotte Prep on Twitter (@CharlottePrep) may have already read, was titled, “Students in K-8 Model More Academically Confident Than Middle School Peers.” Those of you with more experience at Prep may simply nod your head in agreement, thinking to yourself, “I know. I’ve seen it in action.” For newcomers to the school and model, allow me to elaborate. And while I may be a newcomer myself, in my short time here I have witnessed all parts of what the article addresses, and then some.

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“What Brought Me Here”

IMG_3169By Nicole Girvan, Head of Lower School

In preparation for the Division Head’s Coffee last week, I reflected on the question, “What brought you here?” It reminded me of the letter I wrote in January of 2016 describing how I got into education in the first place. I realize not everyone chooses a profession that they intended or even like. However, I am truly fortunate to work in an environment that I appreciate. Continue reading ““What Brought Me Here””

“A-ha” Moments in Early School

IMG_2357by Sharon Vanella, Head of Early School

Recently, our Montessori Early School faculty had the privilege of hosting the monthly full-faculty meeting. In keeping with our One Prep theme, we shared our Montessori philosophy and classrooms with our peers from the other divisions.

We started with an overview to share some basic history of Maria Montessori and how she came to develop her education philosophy during the early twentieth-century. Here is what we shared:

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Creativity and Innovation On Display at STEM Egg Drop

by Emily Tucker, STEM Specialist

Egg Drop

Charlotte Prep’s 5th Annual STEM Egg Drop Challenge was a huge success! This was our largest Egg Drop to date with nearly 80 entries, as well as many student volunteers, staff, and family members in attendance during the evening of September 27.

Students tested their contraptions on the four challenge levels: the Over Easy (picnic table), the Sunny Side Up (6-ft. ladder), the French Omelette (Mezzanine window), and the Ultimate Scrambler (Middle School balcony).

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A Parent’s Perspective: Athletes with Character

The girls volleyball team are representing Charlotte Preparatory School well by truly demonstrating the Four Pillars, writes a Charlotte Prep parent.

girls-volleyballPrep parent Mandi Mohammed co-coaches the volleyball team. She wrote the following note to Head of School Eddie Mensah and Head of Middle School Evan Kurtz.

Mr. Kurtz & Mr. Mensah,

I just wanted to take a minute to say how much I have enjoyed co-coaching the volleyball team with Coach Evatt this season. These young ladies are representing Charlotte Prep well by truly demonstrating the Four Pillars.

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