A Parent’s Perspective: Athletes with Character

girls-volleyballPrep parent Mandi Mohammed co-coaches the volleyball team. She wrote the following note to Head of School Eddie Mensah and Head of Middle School Evan Kurtz.

Mr. Kurtz & Mr. Mensah,

I just wanted to take a minute to say how much I have enjoyed co-coaching the volleyball team with Coach Evatt this season. These young ladies are representing Charlotte Prep well by truly demonstrating the Four Pillars.

Perseverance – We have had multiple sets where the girls have gone down by at least 9 points. Not once have I seen them shrug their shoulders and give up. They always fight back and keep trying.

Integrity – At today’s game, the players that were not in the game noticed that our team had received an extra point. They brought this to Coach Evatt’s and my attention during a timeout, and we were able to correct the score. No one else had noticed. Our players could have said nothing, but their sportsmanship—and the challenge of winning the set on their own—was more important. Our girls were complimented and thanked.

Courage – At a recent away game, our opponent had a loud cheering section. The game was close and intense, and kids were stomping as Michelle Y. served. Playing in front of a crowd cheering for the other team can be quite intimidating to kids this age. The composure these young ladies put on display was amazing!

Respect – In youth sports, kids can get frustrated with their teammates when they feel everyone is not playing up to par or maybe even jealous when they feel like they aren’t getting as much playing time as others. These young ladies always encourage one another and cheer for the whole team. They always show good sportsmanship.

I am impressed and inspired by these awesome middle schoolers. Prep’s Four Pillars are shining through beyond the classroom.

Warm Regards,

Mandi Mohammed P ’20 ’23, PP ’17

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