Trust the Process

By Sharon Vanella, Head of Early School

As we near the break for Thanksgiving, I have been reflecting a great deal on the process that the children are undertaking as they grow during this exciting and wondrous age span from 2-6. The children are settled into their classrooms, which are vibrant with purpose and discovery. Everything the children are doing is a part of a continuum that ultimately leads to adulthood. This crucial time is an ideal span for a child to be in a Montessori environment, which allows him to explore with his whole being, using all his senses. Maria Montessori carefully observed and recorded children’s development, and created a sequence of materials and lessons which engage the child and allow her to practice, step by step, every detailed skill that she’ll need on her path through life: practical, social, and academic.

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Admissions Open House on November 19

By Vicky Wilkison, Director of Admissions

If your family is considering an independent school for the future, now is the time to be visiting schools and preparing to apply. At Charlotte Prep, we look forward to partnering with new families and helping them to navigate the Admissions process. Being a close-knit, small community, we love getting to know our applicant families well and helping them determine if Charlotte Prep is the right fit.

A great first step is to attend an Open House. Our next event is scheduled for Tuesday, January 9, at 9:30 a.m. Here you will have an opportunity to meet our faculty and staff, visit with parents and students, and tour the campus. Our Student Ambassadors love to share their Charlotte Prep stories and will be happy to answer your questions and give you a sneak peek at how we nurture young leaders who are well-prepared to succeed in high school. Continue reading “Admissions Open House on November 19”

What Is Appropriate Parental Involvement With Homework?

homeworkBy Nicole Girvan, Head of Lower School

Study after study has shown that when parents get involved, kids do better in school. According to the National Education Association, kids with parents who are actively involved in their education earn higher grades, do better on standardized tests, and are more likely to be enrolled in advanced placement programs. Students whose parents are more involved also attend school more regularly, successfully pass more classes, have better social skills, and have a higher overall graduation rate. This is a remarkable set of benefits arising from one small thing: parents who get involved with their child’s education. Continue reading “What Is Appropriate Parental Involvement With Homework?”