Celebrating Holidays Around the World

By Seher Khanna, Admissions & Multicultural Coordinator & Melissa Guarnaccia, Guidance Counselor The Charlotte Prep community came together to celebrate Holidays Around the World on Wednesday, December 13. Integrating with the BUDEE program, all of our students from TK to eighth grade participated in various activities centered on Holi, Christmas, Hanukkah, Lunar New Year, and … Continue reading Celebrating Holidays Around the World

Prepping Young Children for Happy Holidays

By Sharon Vanella, Head of Early School The holidays are upon us. This season brings about many sensory experiences: beautiful sights with holiday lights; smells of evergreen, candles, and favorite foods cooking; sounds of favorite songs and music; and flavors of delicious traditional dishes! It is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming time for young children. … Continue reading Prepping Young Children for Happy Holidays

Looking Toward the Future with The Hour of Code

By Jennifer Stoltz, Technology Integration Specialist As parents, we are charged with the daunting task of teaching our children everything we know. But sometimes the world changes faster than we can keep up. We suddenly realize the skills we polished and honed growing up may not meet the needs of our 21st-century offspring. That can be … Continue reading Looking Toward the Future with The Hour of Code

PREPing for the Flu!

By Kelly Long, RN, School Nurse Each year millions of people are diagnosed with Influenza and Charlotte Prep is no exception. I begin seeing diagnosed cases of the flu around October or November. And once it's here, it doesn't want to leave! Consider our population. Our very young students have difficulty understanding personal boundaries—and there … Continue reading PREPing for the Flu!