Prep Holds Its First-Ever STEM Olympics at Winterfest

STEM-reelBy Emily Tucker, STEM Specialist

As a nod to the Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, which ended Sunday, Charlotte Prep added an Olympic twist to our annual STEM Winterfest event! Prep held its first-ever STEM Olympics on February 8, where over 50 Prep families participated.

Watch a video of highlights, which included:

  • The Olympic Flag Challenge: Participants were challenged to design, build, and test the tallest flagpole, engineered to fly high against winter winds. Top honors went to Landon K. and Kenny R. for their amazing designs!
  • Defying Gravity: Speed Skater Challenge: Students made discoveries about their own centers of gravity, then designed a speed skater that could balance without toppling over. While lots of kids (and adults!) struggled to find a solution, some such as Noah L., succeeded!
  • Ultimate Bobsled Builders: Participants were asked help the U.S. Olympic Bobsled Team engineer the fastest sled ever using only recyclable materials, then test out their designs and record results. Olympians Tabby H. and Colin G. had the fastest times in their divisions. Way to go!
  • Biathlon Bonanza: Students simulated this Olympic sport by sliding across a gym floor course on felt “skis.” They then used a plastic cup “shooter” they designed and built to launch a ping pong ball at a target. The winners in this event were Desa M. for grades 3-6 and Bo M. for K-2.
  • HQ Olympic Quiz: Styled after the popular online quiz, Charlotte Prep’s “H-Cuties” answered Olympic-based trivia questions on iPads and smartphones using the Kahoot! app. The top winners in this event were Sophie W. in the K-2 division and Charlie S. in the 3-6 bracket. Nice job, ladies!

Many thanks to all the amazing teacher, parent, and Middle School student volunteers who made this event possible—we couldn’t have done it without you!

Please mark your calendars for our next event, Morocco: A STEAM-y Night at the Kasbah!, scheduled for Thursday, April 19!

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