Being Proactive and Embracing the Difficult Conversations

By Eddie Mensah, Head of School

Social media is a real-time battleground of competing, intensely-held opinions that reflect our society’s widening political divides. Here’s one thing we can all agree on: Parenting today is not for the faint of heart. Why? Our kids are watching and listening.

For some parents, the answer to the loud voices arguing all around us is to stop talking about politics or the day’s news altogether. It’s easier to talk about yesterday’s soccer match or tomorrow’s algebra quiz. But sometimes the difficult conversations are the ones we most need to have.

When it comes to kids, being proactive beats being reactive. So, here’s a proactive step you can take when it comes to being a role model for civility amid differences of opinion. Make plans now to attend our next Prep Parent Partnership Event, “Parenting in the Age of Political Divisiveness,” on Wednesday, April 11 at 6:30 p.m. in the Gymnasium Foyer.

Click here to RVSP. Then, take a look at the video below for author, researcher, and mom Brene Brown’s quick take on this critical topic:

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