The Results Are In

High School Placement for the Class of 2018

By Eddie Mensah, Head of School

Back in January, I shared the details of our highly-successful high school placement process for eighth-grade students and their parents. I’m happy to report that the results for the Class of 2018 are in and, once again, the news is fantastic.

As in past years, the overwhelming majority of our students—98 percent!—were accepted by their first- and/or second-choice school and many to multiple schools. We know our students are great, and one of my favorite things to do as head of school is helping high schools get to know them too. Once again, we met with admissions personnel at each of the Charlotte-area independent schools to advocate for our students and to help ensure they were accepted to their right-fit schools. We had similar advocacy conversations with a growing number of boarding schools who are interested in our students.

Our trend of placing students at a variety of schools—independent, boarding, faith-based, and public—continued. Below is the list of schools where our students are headed:

Blog_ Class of 2018 Destinations 2

We are delighted with the results which solidify our belief in the value of the work we do and our intentional process of matching each of our students to the educational settings that best fit them. We are grateful for the wonderful partnership of our One Prep families.

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