By Erin, Class of 2018

Courage. Not only is it an important pillar here at Charlotte Prep, but it’s also fundamental to life. Whether it’s asking a question in front of the class, owning up to your mistakes, or standing up for a friend, courage is displayed all over campus, every day. In fourth grade, the fall talent show was coming up, and I, with not much previous singing experience, let alone in front of a crowd, decided to do a duet with my friend Caroline. We chose, of course, the “Cup Song”, acapella with plastic solo cups and everything. We practiced endlessly, talked about it way too often, and probably annoyed the heck out of everyone. As the date approached, I grew more and more nervous, with thoughts of failure and public embarrassment swirling through my brain. When the moment finally came, I marched up to the top of the stage and sang. Sure, I was pitchy and completely off the beat, but when we got up for our finale of crushing the cups under our feet, everyone cheered. At the time, I had never felt more proud of what I’d done. Later on, I learned that I, well, wasn’t as good as I thought I was back then, but I’d definitely improved and learned from that experience. Charlotte Prep has subtly guided me through obstacles and taught not to be afraid of new experiences. As I get closer to attending Myers Park High School, I can’t help but be terrified of the thought of a stampede of students crushing me and getting lost on campus. Still, even when I’m afraid, I remind myself that I’m brave and that I can achieve the success that I’ve always worked hard for. I want to take a moment to thank the teachers and my friends for supporting me through times when being courageous wouldn’t cut it. As I leave this place, I won’t forget the memories I’ve made with my fellow peers and the ways I’ve grown as a person.


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