Thank You for This Experience


By Jake, Class of 2018

I have enjoyed my time here at Charlotte Prep. I have been here for around ten years, and I am sad to see this journey end. Charlotte Prep has taught me a lot of important life lessons that I will continue to use throughout my high school experience and later on in my career. The four pillars have taught me how to act and how to be a helpful and productive person in my community.

The four pillars at Charlotte Prep have shown me to respect my peers, family, teachers, and even those that I do not agree with. I have learned perseverance. I remember, in my fifth-grade year, I tried out for the school basketball team and I got cut. That summer I worked on my game and when it was time for tryouts, I played hard and made the team the following year. At Prep, I have learned to be courageous and to stand up to challenges and to never back down. My teachers have also shown me to have integrity, teaching me to be honest and own up to your mistakes.

These four pillars have set me up physically and mentally through academics, the arts, sports, and in everyday life. I will be able to improve myself in my high school and professional career with these morals. Thank you for this experience, Charlotte Prep. I have learned so much and I have made lifelong friends thanks to you. Thank you.

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