homepageOur new school website debuted just before summer ended so you may not have had an opportunity to explore it fully yet. The photos were selected to enhance the theme that a Charlotte Prep education represents The First Steps To whatever our students dream of achieving in the future. The goal is to tell the story, in real time, of what unfolds each day at Charlotte Prep in classrooms, on the playground, in the fine arts program, and on athletic fields.

As part of our storytelling, we are engaging in a school-wide Twitter campaign with each grade and department having its own Twitter handle and an opportunity to share the magic that happens on campus each day.

All of the Twitter accounts, as well as the Charlotte Prep Facebook and Instagram accounts, can now be viewed on one story wall on the website. Even if you are not on these platforms, you can still see all of our posts and follow along as we document the moments—large and small—that tell the story of a Charlotte Prep education. We welcome you to join our conversation on social media with Comments, Likes, Shares, and Re-Tweets.


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