An Egg-cellent STEM Egg Drop Challenge

By Emily Tucker, STEM Specialist

stem1Prep’s 6th Annual STEM Egg Drop Challenge was a huge success with nearly 50 teams, 40 additional entries, 18 student volunteers, and at least 12 staff members!

Discovery Place Science museum graciously provided tickets to the IMAX Dome Theatre for our contest winners. Students tested their contraptions on the four challenge levels: The Over Easy (picnic table), The Sunny Side Up (6 ft. ladder), the French Omelette (mezzanine window), and The Ultimate Scrambler (Middle School balcony).

As each student successfully navigated a challenge level, they received a sticker. After completing all challenges, participants were awarded a certificate and their choice of a variety of egg-themed prizes.

The following special contest winners received a special certificate and a free pass for admission to the IMAX Dome Theatre at Discovery Place:

  • The Chicken Little Award (Smallest Successful Contraption): Jordan P. with Glory Grace
  • The Funky Chicken Award (Most Complex Successful Contraption): Kenny R. and Parker J. with The Funky Egg
  • The Faberge Egg Award (Most Beautifully Decorated Successful Contraption): Elizabeth P. with Egg-squisite
  • The Prep Pride Award (Most Successful Contraption with the Best CPS Spirit): Wanxin C. with Happy Egg

Many thanks to the teachers, staff, and student volunteers who worked before, during, and after the event, the parents who assisted and encouraged their children in coming up with such innovative and creative designs, and our community sponsor, Discovery Place, for their support.

We look forward to seeing even more new and exciting contraptions next year!

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