Cultivating An Attitude of Gratitude

2018-11-05_09-16-39_520Our much-loved BUDEE program (Be Understanding, Dedicated, Empathic, and Enthusiastic) features a monthly theme for the community to focus on, and for November, the theme is Gratitude.

When the BUDEE classes met this month, students were eager to share the contents of the Gratitude Bags they made at home. The objects they chose reflected their diverse personalities and families. Some included family photos. Some brought treasured stuffed animals. One brought a tennis shoe to represent a love of sports. Students of all ages embraced the opportunity talk about the people, places, and things for which they are grateful. Teachers had a choice in how they extended the lesson. One teacher created a gratitude jar for both groups while another took students to pick up trash around the school.

What is clear at each BUDEE class is just how much the children appreciate the time to be together. The classrooms come alive with laughter and conversation. Older students are grateful for the opportunity to lead, and the younger kids love hanging out with the “big kids.”

Click here to see our Facebook post with BUDEE pictures and here for 10 ideas on how to raise grateful kids.


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