A First Step Beyond Prep

high school fair

By Evan Kurtz
Head of Middle School

This Friday, September 27, we will host 20 schools and boarding schools at our annual High School Fair. Eighth-grade students and their parents will attend and gather information about potential destinations for high school.

For our eighth graders, this is one of the first steps in the process of determining which school is the best fit for them after they graduate from Prep. In preparation for the Fair, students have been working with Head of School Eddie Mensah in their Leadership classes on skills such as how to ask questions, shake hands effectively, and how to join a conversation. Having popped into one of those classes, I saw students practicing the art of approaching a group already engaged in conversation, and deftly weaving their way in. Not an easy task and the practice showed student growth for sure.

Eighth-grade students will be wearing professional dress for the day, as each student wants to represent themselves in the most positive way possible, with their “best foot forward.” While it is important to note that students are exploring options for their next school, the High School Fair is also where the attending schools are hoping to show their best selves to students and families as well. This should put eighth graders at ease and allow them to take in all the information possible as they begin the high school selection process.

We look forward to another successful High School Fair and by Friday evening, eighth-grade families will have much to discuss at the dinner table. The Fair is another stepping stone on the journey to Beyond Prep–a partnership that we look forward to experiencing with all families.

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