A View from Carpool

This week’s Monday memo started with, what I felt, were admirably honest words from our new head of school.

Chris Marblo spoke of the monumental accomplishment that was the first day of the new school year. And how right he was. Because this wasn’t just the start of any new school year. This was his first introduction to our #OnePrep community. To faculty, students and parents, some joining our incredible family for the first time, in a climate where tensions and anxieties are running high, to say the least.

And the courage and good humour he has demonstrated as he has stepped up to this unique challenge is commendable. I genuinely could not admire him more.

As I drove into the car park on Thursday morning, it was with a sense of relief. Not only because, after 5 months at home, I can honestly say I would send my children to school in a zip lock bag if it meant I could have a bath in peace! But also because, seeing those smiling faces (albeit behind masks, but the eyes give it away), seeing the reaction of my children who were overjoyed at the prospect of seeing their friends, their teachers and their new classrooms, seeing the incredible work that had gone into ensuring that our children remain safe and well and happy, just reinforced once again that I made the best decision of my children’s lives when I signed them up for Prep.

We decided to send our children back in person. It’s what works for us and for our family dynamic. But I appreciate that this isn’t the case for everyone. And having been privileged to have a sneak peek behind the scenes, Prep@home appears to be another huge accomplishment, for which I really must congratulate the staff, faculty and everyone else who has been involved.

To the families who have made the decision to keep their children at home, let this be known; you are still a hugely important part of our community. And we can’t wait for the time when life allows us to be together again in person. But until then, please keep in touch with your teachers, friends, classmates, room parents, parents association and fellow home learners.

To the families who have made the decision to send their children to school; don’t forget that you can still send someone a text or an email to let them know you are thinking of them, and please get involved with the community in any way you feel comfortable.

Because I truly believe that we are stronger together. We’ve got this!

#OnePrep #TigersRoar

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