Language Development in the Montessori Classroom

By Sharon Vanella Head of Early School The Language Area in a Montessori classroom isn’t confined to just one space, but is present throughout the entire classroom. Preparation for reading and writing is introduced through repetition of Practical Life and Sensorial Materials, which focus on left-to-right/top-to-bottom motions, sequence of steps, and use of tools that … Continue reading Language Development in the Montessori Classroom

Nurse Kelly Long’s Top 3 Healthy Habits for 2019

The New Year can be an excellent time to make resolutions for the future, but it can also be a great time to get back to the basics. Let’s resolve to reinforce healthy habits for our children and ourselves. Here are my top three: Wash your hands. Washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water … Continue reading Nurse Kelly Long’s Top 3 Healthy Habits for 2019

Cultivating An Attitude of Gratitude

Our much-loved BUDEE program (Be Understanding, Dedicated, Empathic, and Enthusiastic) features a monthly theme for the community to focus on, and for November, the theme is Gratitude. When the BUDEE classes met this month, students were eager to share the contents of the Gratitude Bags they made at home. The objects they chose reflected their … Continue reading Cultivating An Attitude of Gratitude

Beautiful Bluegrass

By Kelly Crum, Communications Manager One of the many blessings of a smaller school is the ease with which teachers can collaborate. Middle School Language Arts teacher Katherine Slayton and Music and Band teacher Katie Kilroy recently teamed up to provide fifth grade English Language Arts students an engaging lesson to cap off their study … Continue reading Beautiful Bluegrass